Do you know?


If your CV has your photo – you most likely not going to be employed… 


Especially if you apply for the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe.

Hey, this is important! Your CV is a basic document. This document is one of the main reasons for your employment. The contents of your CV should not contain your sex, age, color of skin, and so on.

Otherwise, the employer could be charged and even prosecuted for discrimination. And this is not a joke – please see at least a few already completed lawsuits against employers.

If you can not make a perfect package alone – We recommend to use a specialized company/agency.



Featured agencies for documents


All of the agencies has ben checked by They have a good reputation and offer a quality product.



All available products are relatively equal quality, but with a different price.
We are ranked agencies at the prices listed:


All Application Documents Package – PHP 650 only! 


·  Three adapted, separate Motivation / Cover letters, in three types.

    It will be made according to your personal employment potential and capacity.

·  You will receive three separate CV’s (already filled with your data),  

    in three types: for your home country standart, for the USA & Canada standart

    and for the European Union (Europass CV).

·  Diploma

·  Other additional documents


Work with translators directly – For just £7.99 per project‎*

Curated professional translators, removing your risk and cost. Made in the UK.
* 7.99 pounds ( PHP 495 ) per one page

A completed lawsuits against employers (discrimination):



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