26 Jan, 2021
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WARNING: if the written invitation is sent, it will arrive at your email. The same goes for the work permit documents, which will be in an email with attachments. And emails with attached documents almost always go to spam folder where you could miss it. In order our correspondence with you to be secure, we ask you now to do the following:

  1. Please, check your email and find our letter which we have already sent to you. The subject is: “Please confirm your email“.
  2. Because of the verification links in the letter, it’s possible that our email went to your spam folder. In this case, please secure our future correspondence: look/search for our letter in your spam folder and move it to the Inbox: press the ‘Not spam’ button and add us to your contacts. See how:

If your mail is in gmail (pic 1). Step 1: find our email to you by checking all mail folders. Step 2: Open the email and hold the cursor on our name / sender name and wait. Step3: a small window will open –  click the link “Add to contacts”.

If your mail is in yahoo (pic 1). Step 1: find our email to you by checking all mail folders. Step 2: Open the email and right-click on our name/ sender name. Step3: a small window will open –  click the last link below “Add to your contacts”.

Other e-mail providers: please try using both of the methods above. It will be something similar.

 Thank you!

Pic 1:

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